BOLON Announces Changes in Management Team, Appoints New CEO and CCO


BOLON is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie Eklund as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Annica Eklund as the company’s new Chief Creative Officer (CCO). Both will assume responsibilities on January 1st 2018.

Annica and Marie Eklund change roles after successful 14 years leading the family business. The decision to change positions bases on their personal development. Over the course of the last years Annica Eklund deepened her passion for creative processes and projects whereas Marie Eklund took pleasure in immersing into the company’s business topics.

“During the last 14 years we went through a transformation journey on a personal and a private level and are now challenged by changing roles and focusing on BOLON’s innovation and performance in the future. We are excited to take this new challenge and start a new chapter to the Story of BOLON,“ say Annica and Marie Eklund and continuing “It is in keeping with this deployment to reinvent ourselves for the company’s benefit“.

During Annica’s appointment as CEO the company’s yearly turnover raised for 300 % between 2003 and 2017. Marie’s creative input brought a change in the orientation of the collections and product portfolio. In 2017, the company’s diversification was showcased with the campaign “Innovators at heart“, that shows the company’s experimental and collaborative approach to material production. Both Annica and Marie are very excited about extending new business areas. Stay tuned.


First published on bolon.com