Collaborative Conversation #1: Jordi Arnau Of BD Barcelona

This February, BOLON will reveal new innovations guaranteed to inspire the design of creative spaces. With a focus on new materials, we introduce you to a selection of furniture craftsmen specially chosen to experiment with BOLON’s new textiles. Choosing one of their iconic pieces, we learn how they were able to transform one of their furnishings using BOLON. Here is our first in a series of collaborative conversations.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background in the furniture branch?

“I’m an engineer by education and started to work in the furniture and design business 16 years ago. I joined BD when I was 31 to give the company a shift and an international push. I could never imagine how passionate and attractive this business was and how many things we still have to do and learn.”

When did you come in contact with BOLON for the first time?

“I think it was like five years ago. I was told that a very innovative flooring company from Sweden was using one of our products (the Showtime sofa by Jaime Hayón) in one of their advertising and I started to look closely to BOLON, and since then I started to see the brand everywhere.”

How has your involvement been in this collaboration?

“Since the beginning it has been very pleasant. When I received the collaboration proposal to furnish BD pieces with BOLON’s fabrics I immediately agreed and I saw a big potential for both companies.”

What is your experience with BOLON? How do you see BOLON as a company? What furniture type have you chosen to experiment with?

“I’m a big fan of BOLON. I especially love how the company has changed and evolved in the recent years from a manufacturing and product centred company into a design company. This is a very interesting example for other industries in Europe that haven’t done this step forward, because DESIGN and CREATIVITY is one biggest assets that we have to compete with in the global economy.”

“Regarding BD’s product for this project, we decided to choose the new COUTURE armchair by Färg&Blanche.”

To see this custom creation, visit the BOLON exhibit during Stockholm Design Week, February 7-11 at Birger Jarlsgatan 32 A

BOLON Experiments - BD Barcelona

BOLON Experiments - BD Barcelona

BOLON Experiments - BD Barcelona

BOLON Experiments - BD Barcelona

How has it been to work with the material? Any difficulties? Any advantages?

“Working with the material has been an interesting process. We worked both with BOLON’s standard flooring material and the new material that combines fabric, and both pieces look fantastic! Although upholstering with the standard flooring was not easy, I think it opens many new opportunities to use BOLON’s materials in other environments.”

What are your thoughts about the final piece – now that BOLON materials have been used? How has it changed the piece?

“Well, I think that the pieces look so beautiful that I’m sure when people will start to see them we will start receiving enquiries to produce this armchair with BOLON’s finishes. I especially see a potential market on the contract business, mainly offices and hotels.”

What opportunities do you see BOLON materials could have in your production?

“Well this has been a first test. We should try other materials in other pieces and conduct tests to decide which material could fit in each piece, but I definitely see a promising future in our relationship.”

First published on www.bolon.com