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Ashman Grove Residential Aged-Care – Making a home

Australia’s population is ageing. By 2050, more than 8.8 million people are expected to be aged 65 years or more, driving a focus on aged-care and the provision of adequate facilities to deliver high standards of care that meet the physical and emotional needs of the ageing population.


The role of design to support the physical needs of residents, especially those with disabilities, while also creating warmth, belonging and joy is under evaluation. After all, research shows that our everyday surroundings help to shape our state of mind and even influence health outcomes.


During the design process at Ashman Grove Residential Aged Care, there was a strong understanding that design ultimately influences the mindset, health and wellbeing of staff, residents, and their relatives, and selecting quality materials that are high performing and functional (or fit for purpose).


To support this understanding of design and function, BOLON was selected as the predominant floor covering throughout the new part of the facility.

Deinstitutionalising aged-care facilities

Ashman Grove Residential Aged Care was intentional about deinstitutionalising the clinical nature of the functional requirements of an aged-care facility to create a facility that more closely resembles a home. The 87-bed, purpose-built facility includes comfortable sleeping quarters, dining areas, entertainment spaces, a library, and outdoor sanctuaries.


The home has been developed over time, with the recent addition of a new residential wing offering superb accommodation with single or double room options. Additional rooms are being developed to provide residents with their own private living sanctuary.

Consideration from the floor up

When designing the home, there were key design elements that needed careful consideration, including a high-performance flooring solution. Durable, non-slip flooring was required, with consideration given to the ease of maintenance and ability to keep the space hygienic and healthy for residents.


Unlike carpet, not recommended in healthcare facilities due to maintenance and hygiene issues, and domestic vinyl flooring that is easily damaged, Bolon offers the ideal flooring solution that strikes the right balance between high-performance factors and aesthetic appeal.


To support the delivery of a functional design solution for Ashman Grove Residential Aged Care, Bolon flooring from the Botanic collection adds a was selected throughout the facility including the foyer, corridors, dining spaces and communal areas.


“The look is sophisticated. The colours selected are enjoyed by the residents and play a role in maintaining occupancy.”  – Facility Manager, Ashman Grove Residential Aged-Care


With a tight weave secured by layers of impenetrable backing, Bolon flooring is impervious to liquids, dirt and germs and offered a hygienic and easy to maintain flooring solution. The flooring is also quick and easy to clean, requiring no harsh chemicals and only a vacuum, mop and water to maintain.


7 years post-installation, Ashman Grove Residential Aged Care hired a professional cleaning company to deep-clean the floors. The result is evidence of the durable nature of Bolon, which delivered an as-new finish and further highlighting the timeless design.


“Daily cleaning is carried out quickly and easily by the cleaning team on site. Professional cleaning is arranged periodically.  Once finished, the floor is dry and can be walked on safely, without the risk of hazardous slips.  The textured surface always reverts to its original appearance when it was installed.” – Facility Manager, Ashman Grove Residential Aged-Care


The slip-resistant properties of Bolon flooring proved important to ensure a safe environment for residents and staff. The ease of manoeuvring wheels over the flooring is also advantageous for residents in wheelchairs or requiring the assistance of a portable walking frame. Comfort underfoot and sound absorption were also key factors, although to a lesser extent, when selecting a suitable floor covering.

Beyond function – Designing for quality of life

More than just a functional space, Ashman Grove Aged Care has created a progressive and nurturing facility that replicates the luxury of a hotel and the warmth of home.


With plans to expand and enhance the home, Ashman Grove Aged-Care will continue to set the benchmark for aged-care for years to come.


“I would not hesitate to install Bolon flooring in our facility or other aged-care homes. If aesthetics, easy installation, safety, ease of cleaning and durability are important, Bolon flooring is the right choice.” – Facility Manager


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