Architects On Sustainability

The degradation of our natural environment is a global topic of increasing urgency, and we can no longer afford to turn our backs or cut corners. Sustainability must be a key to connect urban architecture and interior design with nature today — for the purpose of a better tomorrow.

Baux is dedicated to doing their part to reduce their ecological footprint and make sustainability an integral part of everything they do and create. Preventing pollution, reducing waste, conserving resources and designing for longevity. Learning from our mistakes, asking the right questions and always striving to do things even better than before.

In their pursuit for a better tomorrow — Baux spoke with Sita Jobanputra from CoDesign, Ivana Kildsgaard from Tengbom and Jan Ytterborn from Strategisk Arkitektur to understand how some of the leading architects work on the topic of sustainability.

Architects on Sustainability

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