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We interviewed Staffan Virke at Codesign and asked him about his experiences designing a soundproofed learning environment with BAUX designs at Grillska High School, Stockholm.

Tell us a bit about the project?
The client had just taken over a former school building and hired us to rebrand the space. It really needed a new identity. It was a large space, grey, commercial and a bit boring. We wanted to make it more attractive for the students, so they’d enjoy being there and hopefully stick around school and study.

“The variations in color and shape helped us to realize our vision of unique zones within a bigger space.”

Grillska High School

Why did you choose BAUX?
We’d worked previously with the client and used BAUX on a project for Stadsmissionens Skola. They were really happy with the result. So it was a logical choice to use BAUX again, especially as it helps lower sound levels.

How did the BAUX designs transform the space?
We used specific shapes and colors to give each floor it’s own identity. This helped us to create zones within the main space. The building looks visually very different now and the students are at school, working.

“BAUX was the perfect material for the project. It’s great for large spaces. It’s functional in terms of sound absorption, graphic and visually attractive and cost effective.”

How have people reacted?
The client is happy and the students feel taken care of. They appreciate someone putting some thought into their workspace. When we visited, students were hanging out in the study zones. One had his feet up on the table but he’d taken his shoes off. We thought that was a good sign.

“Attractive spaces would encourage students to stay on at school and have a positive effect on learning.”

Grillska High School

What would your dream BAUX project look like?
It would be great to work on another school project or a public space. Maybe a multi-story building. Somewhere where you can make a big visual impact.

See the final results of the Grillska High School

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