GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certification

The Andrews Group is excited to share that BOLON has been awarded GreenTagCertTM GreenRate Level A certification.

Global GreenTag (Cert TM) is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised eco-labels. It provides independent assurance that every product is fitness tested and certified under one of the two leading certification programs GreenRate (TM) and LCARate (TM) that use world’s best scientific methods. Global GreenTag’s trusted certification standards are recognised in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Southeast Asia and in over 70 other countries. GreenRate was developed for direct relevance to Sustainable Products credits in Green Building Rating Council rating tools. LCRate, the toughest scientific scorecard in the world, scores products against six main sustainability assessment criteria, in addition to over twenty life cycle and social criteria and meets LCA and EPD credits in globally relevant rating tools.

BOLON is celebrated for its excellence and visionary thinking in relation to sustainability. In accordance with the strictest environmental standards, BOLON uses only the highest quality raw materials in its production and without phthalates. The company’s initiatives to develop and manufacture flooring that achieves less negative environmental and health impacts, has earned its flooring the highest level of GreenRate recognition. In addition, the simple care and maintenance routines require no harmful chemicals, and with a product guarantee of up to 15 years, the extensive product life means less waste and environmental impact.


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