BOLON By You At Salone del Mobile

With 6 new patterns, 4 warp and 12 weft colours, and for the first time, the opportunity to create and order personal design expressions through an interactive web tool, acclaimed Swedish design company BOLON brings their breakout collection, BOLON By You, to Salone del Mobile. 

Pavilion 16/ Stand B27 

Milan: Swedish design company BOLON brings its breakout flooring collection, BOLON By You, to Milan 12th – 17th April 2016. This is the 7th year that BOLON brings their inimitable design flair to the fair, and this year promises to be outstanding. Celebrated London designers Doshi Levien have created a visually striking stand that makes BOLON a ‘must’ for this year’s Salone del Mobile. This is part of ‘Material Interventions’ a global creative campaign that supports the versatile new collection, helping to communicate its unique qualities to architects and designers.

The BOLON design team has created BOLON By You to give designers and architects the chance to create flooring that truly reflects their aesthetic and functional vision. BOLON Designer Petra Lundblad explains –

“As its name suggests, BOLON By You is all about you – the person designing. We have created a series of new patterns we believe represent aesthetic variation and by using these, personal results can be achieved.


What we hope to create is a situation where architects and designers can realise their visions with Bolon flooring as a dynamic, central design element.”


The collection consists of six patterns of diverse character – Weave, Geometric, Dot, Lace, Grid and Stripe – from these, a wide spectrum of visual identities can be created. From graphic, linear expressions to organic, softer forms and playful elements, BOLON By You encourages designers to explore and create. However, it is not only the patterns in BOLON By You that release creativity. Petra Lundblad elaborates –

“The four warp colours in the collection are earthy and natural and change perception of the patterns. The warp is made of a profiled yarn, a thread with a textured surface that can be used for jacquard weave. This method lets the floor release three-dimensional effects and light reflecting patterns that bring any interior environment to life.”


Weft also offers up some exciting new possibilities. The collection features twelve all-new weft colours not available in any other BOLON standard collection. These represent a wide palette, from light pastel shades to vibrant, confident primary colours and darker, more sober tones. Petra explains how the BOLON Design Team see the harmony and potential in the interaction between the three design elements, pattern, warp and weft –

“The collection is all about releasing creativity and expressing vision. As such, we created the patterns and colours in BOLON By You in such a way that they are not limited in terms of the type of environment in which they can be used. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to how they’re applied and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the results of other people’s imagination. The magic of the collection is its capacity for interaction – between the design elements but also between the architect or designer and BOLON via the web tool.”

Doshi Levien, known for their work with brands such as Moroso, Kvadrat and Cappellini, have interpreted BOLON’s innovative collection from their unique perspective to create a compelling visual story. Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien believe that materials can be one of the most defining expressions of a space. This idea has been central to the development of ‘Material Interventions’. Doshi Levien’s spatial compositions highlight six distinct architectural styles.

Nipa Doshi explains – “From the natural, muted tones of classic architecture and monolithic forms of modernist buildings to the Avant Garde world of fashion, these compositions celebrate the versatility of BOLON flooring as a key visual and functional element.”

“Materials and how they interact is central to the work of the architect or designer. They also define the architectural spirit of a space. BOLON By You recognises this and offers more creative flexibility, which ultimately leads to interiors with increased design synergy. We are excited to bring our vision to Salone del Mobile, and share the new collection with the global design world. ”

– Marie Eklund, Chief Creative Officer

BOLON By You is shown in Milan on April 12th, Pavilion 16/ Stand B27

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  • BOLON By You Dot Black Peacock Green
  • BOLON By You
  • BOLON at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016
  • BOLON By You Weave Brown Dusty Pink
  • BOLON By You Weave Beige Sand Gloss
  • BOLON By You Stripe Black Peach Orange
  • BOLON By You Lace Brown Raspberry Red
  • BOLON By You Grid Grey Lavender Gloss
  • BOLON By You Geometric Black Blueberry Blue
  • BOLON By You Dot Black Peacock Green