Bolon Green Weld Launches Globally

In an attempt to ensure the health and safety of flooring professionals, Bolon accompanied by OHLA PLAST, launches the first non-hasardous cold welding product on the market. Completely free of the flammable chemical Tetrahydrofuran, the Bolon Green Weld poses no danger to the environment, nor have any dangerous effects on the health of flooring installers. Apart from providing a healthy alternative to traditional cold welds, the Bolon Green Weld enables a more efficient installation process as it is applied at the same time as the flooring is glued, which ultimately contributes to a quicker installation.


After its launch in Sweden in October 2017, Bolon has seen a very positive response among Swedish flooring installers. Torbjörn Klaesson, Supply Chain and Technical Officer at Bolon is delighted with the result:


“We have received a very positive response so far. The most important thing is that flooring installers won’t skip the welding process due to the hasardous substances the products contain. Apart from creating a healthy cold weld that is not flammable, we also the value of making the installation more efficient”, says Klaesson.

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First published on bolon.com

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