Bolon Impact Sound Insulation (ISI)

The quiet success and benefits of Bolon with ISI backing.

Bolon collections offer the option of improved Impact Sound Insulation (ISI) without compromising market leading performance benefits of durability, fire resistance and cleanability. Only the authentic and original Bolon flooring with ISI backing will deliver the following benefits:

Acoustic Insulation
Bolon’s ISI backing reduces sound transmission and delivers improved sound insulation.

With the addition of ISI backing, Bolon provides additional softness and comfort underfoot.

Height and Floor Transitions
ISI backing increases the Bolon tile thickness from 3 mm to 5 mm, and the roll thickness from 2.5 mm to 4.5 mm. This gives additional height to the floor, minimising height differentials between Bolon and other flooring finishes which may be incorporated into the flooring design.

Access Floors
Dissimilar to other resilient floor coverings that must be permanently fastened, Bolon tiles with ISI backing offers the ideal flooring solution for installation over Raised Access Floors.

Efficient Floor Preparation
ISI backing with Bolon often takes the place of underlay, saving time and money when preparing the surface prior to installation.

Endless Design Possibilities
ISI backing is available in Bolon roll and tile formats and with over 100 articles from 13 collections, this presents endless design possibilities.

ISI backing is standard for Elements and Silence collections (>5m2) and for other collections (>400m2).


ISI Backing FAQs

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