BOLON in Collaboration With Internationally Acclaimed Architect Duo Neri&Hu


BOLON unveils its latest collaboration – the stand concept at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Salone del Mobile in Milano has been designed by the renowned architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu of neri&hu. Founded in 2004, neri&hu Design and Research Office is an architectural design agency based in Shanghai, China. Known for their award-winning architecture and interiors, neri&hu have been described as the most dynamic design-force in China today.


A nature-inspired concept celebrating Scandinavian nature

In line with BOLON’s new flooring collection, Elements, the architectural duo has created a stand concept drawn on the fundamentals of nature, illustrating the awe and nostalgia one experiences when visiting elements of Swedish landscapes – specifically forests and lakes. In more detail, the installation aims to illustrate the forest by BOLON-wrapped ‘trees’ hung from above and polished bronze details expressing the reflectivity of lakes to encourage reflection of memories within oneself.

Fascinated by the versatile material, neri&hu express their excitement about collaborating with BOLON.

“A tremendous amount of passion is woven into the BOLON fabric, with each thread carefully chosen. It was an inspiring collaboration that we hopefully will extend to future projects.”


First published on bolon.com

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