Bolon BIM Objects Update

Continuing its commitment to support the architecture and building industry’s transition to digital building modeling, Bolon, in cooperation with BIMObject has updated its BIM (Building Information Modeling) content library.

Along with BIM objects for all articles across earlier collections, the recent BIM update features all 10 flooring articles of Bolon’s new collection Elements, launched in February 2018.


Building Information Modeling

BIM represents a shared resource of knowledge and a 3D-model based building process in which engineers, architects and construction professionals can generate and share building data as well as plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. Rather than a separate set of drawings, BIM details the process of designing a facility collaboratively using one digital system.

This digital building process ultimately produces a 3D, real-time Building Information Model which encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information – as well as building components, such as Bolon’s flooring. The majority of Bolon’s flooring articles are easily obtainable and simple to download to be incorporated into building projects and imported to programs like CAD.

BIM files can be downloaded from the Collection pages or the BIM objects website >


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