Bolon In The Philippines

With a flurry of Design and Architecture activity in the Philippines, we talk to Michelle Norman, Bolon Sales Manager, about her views on opportunities and trends in the market.


What are your predictions for growth in the architecture and design space in the Philippines?


I see so much potential in the Philippines. Due to low operating costs and proficiency of the English language, many large international organisations are moving their service centres to the Philippines. This creates huge growth in the commercial office sector in the region and an opportunity for world-class design to feature in the Philippines.

I also see huge growth in the hospitality sector with the development of hotels and casinos across the Philippines. It’s an exciting time to be working in the region.


What design trends to you see in the market?

In my role as Sales Manager for Bolon, I’m fortunate to have strong relationships with leading Architects and Designers across Southeast Asia.  My passion for design is fuelled by access to their abundance of knowledge and wanting to stay at the forefront of trends and best practice when creating beautiful spaces.

In recent times, I see a focus on sustainability on many projects, with Designers and Architects seeking to minimise the negative impact on the environment. This drives their choices when selecting materials and finishings and works well for Bolon who also shares the same ethos, demonstrated by recent investments in a recycling plant and the recycled composition of the product.

Bespoke and customised design is also more prevalent than ever. Clients are looking to make their mark on the design world and deliver spaces that cater entirely to the brief. Again, Bolon caters well to this trend.  With 14 collections, over 100 different articles and many shapes, Bolon offers endless design opportunities for Designers and Architects to create truly unique spaces.


What are your plans for Bolon in the Philippines?

Despite being a relatively new market for Bolon, we’re thrilled to have already been a part of some impressive projects in the Philippines across Commercial, Hospitality, Retail, Recreational and Residential sectors, including:

Google Manilla (commercial)

Ulticon Builders (commercial)

Huawei Philippines (commercial)

Dusit Hotel (hospitality)

Daniel Wellington (retail)

Botanika Nature Residences (residential)


Bolon is renowned for offering endless design possibilities however, it’s the high-performance benefits of Bolon, including durability, cleanability and its impervious nature, that make it an ideal flooring solution for projects across a range of sectors.  Particularly in such a humid climate, the hygienic and hypo-allergenic properties of Bolon and its impervious nature, make it a wonderful woven-textile flooring solution with the benefits of a resilient floor.


Final words . . .

I’m thrilled to work with Architects and Designers as they develop projects in the Philippines. It’s truly an exciting time to work in the region.

I welcome all enquires about Bolon and its suitability in various spaces across the Commercial, Hospitality, Retail, Education and Healthcare sectors. Looking forward to creating more functional and beautiful spaces in the Philippines.

Thank you.


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