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A colourful and imaginative world for children –  Cheltenham Early Learning Centre 

Welcome to a colourful and imaginative world for children. The talented team at Alexandra Kidd Design transformed a run-down, century-old church into a nurturing and inspiring sanctuary for learning, play and growth.


Combining function and beauty, Bolon flooring from the Elements collection features throughout the space and was selected to support the versatility of the environment. Its high-performance benefits, including durability, ease of maintenance, acoustic properties and sustainability credentials, made it the ideal flooring solution for bustling early learning centre.

New age design

Offering a space that feels like a second home for little inhabitants, the centre provides an imaginative and stimulating environment amidst a calming aesthetic. The design encourages exploration and fun while steering clear of plastic materiality and loud colour palettes.


Modern day teaching methodology encourages children to construct knowledge through play and exploration. This concept is reflected in the centres’ carefully designed layout where children can move freely around the dynamic sequence of spaces and little “nooks and crannies” create intimate settings for adventure and make-believe play.

While budding imaginations and tiny proportions were at the forefront of design, “childish” features were bypassed for principles of good design – custom joinery, quality finishes, sophisticated materiality, scale, proportion and repetition to create a cohesive space that both inspires and nurtures all who step inside.


Furniture crafted from the trunks of trees removed during the renovation, an oversized mural inspired by local fauna and flora, created by Australian artist Chris Nixon, soft earthy tones, and natural materials such as timber and wool rugs, all form part of a larger story where all elements support learning, by engaging the children’s senses and encouraging their awareness of the world around them.

Bolon flooring complemented the calming aesthetic of the environment, with its tactile weave, light-reflective properties and endless design possibilities.


“I went for a Bolon flooring because I love its materiality! It has a nice texture, feels soft and is different from the standard vinyl flooring that we usually see in most childcare centres.

I also really appreciated that your colour ranges offers subtle combination of neutral colours with brighter colours, the result is always elegant and interesting.”  Jessica Gombault, Alexandra Kidd Design


Reimagine, reinterpret and reconfigure

Furnishings were selected for their versatility and mobility. The vision was for the centre to be constantly reimagined, reinterpreted and reconfigured. Sprawling open plan areas can be segmented with custom screens and defined by rugs to cater for reading or downtime, while lightweight furniture pieces can be moved to offer constant stimulation and variety.


Bolon flooring supported this objective by offering a slip-resistant, continuous flooring solution whereby the transition between spaces is seamless. The flat weave nature of the pile enables furniture and objects to be moved with ease without leaving dents or impacting the appearance of the floor underneath.

A space for years to come

When designing the centre, careful consideration was given to ensuring finishes would withstand the test of time and boisterous children, including a high-performance flooring solution. Durable, non-slip flooring was required, with consideration given to the ease of maintenance and ability to keep the space hygienic and healthy for children and carers.


Being a resilient floor covering, the simple maintenance and durability of Bolon contributes to its longevity. With a tight weave secured by layers of impenetrable backing, Bolon flooring is impervious to liquids, dirt and germs to deliver a hygienic and easy to maintain flooring solution. No harmful chemicals or nasties are required for cleaning (only a vacuum, mop and water) – a major factor for the wellbeing of carers and children in the environment.

Designed for future generations

Respect, both of past and future, was central to the design. Preserving a century old architectural icon, designers reinterpreted original details by incorporating arch shapes, large volumes and earthy hues. While honouring what came before, respect for the future was also important. Reducing waste, re-using and recycling was incorporated every step of the way.


Premium grade plywood, Bolon flooring and low VOC paints were among some of the finishes carefully selected to be both environmentally friendly and sustainable. The recycled content of Bolon floors and fully- accredited supply chain, not only meets the highest sustainability credentials but also ensures a healthy indoor environment with zero chemical cleaning requirements and low VOC emissions.


“It was also really important for me to use a product that is healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable. . . Bolon ticked absolutely every box! Now we can’t wait to see how it’s going to wear with a daily and high traffic use!” Jessica Gombault, Alexandra Kidd Design


The result – a delightful and warm centre for young impressionable learners and adventurous spirits.


Why Bolon?

Alexandra Kidd Design chose Bolon for Cheltenham Early Learning Centre. With the performance benefits of Bolon, the choice was simple.


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