Meet The Designer: Elaine Jamieson

Elaine Jamieson, Founder Positive Partnership.

We speak to the founder of Positive Partnership, Elaine Jamieson who discusses her 30-plus year odyssey in Hong Kong and the inspiration behind her work at Pure Fitness.


About Pure Fitness, Asia

Aside from being our greatest asset, Health is now a massive business where industry leaders are delivering cutting-edge facilities that generate long wait lists for gym-junkies and design enthusiasts alike. Designed by Hong Kong based interior design firm, Positive Partnership, Pure Fitness and their boxing studios, yoga studios, swimming pools, meditation spaces, cycling dens, personal training areas, dressing rooms and even healthy eating spaces (hello Nood Food) represent a major revival of health and wellness interiors.


Tell us about yourself and how you built a successful design studio in Hong Kong.

I came to Hong Kong  in 1990 from London, where I worked in high street retail design. Having grown up in Bangkok, it was always my intention to return to Asia to live and work. When I arrived in Hong Kong I quickly found myself working in a practice doing office design – not my cup of tea! However, soon after, I found an opportunity to work in retail design once again, creating stores for Guess Jeans all over Asia and this presented the opportunity to build my own studio.  Then came a chance to design a small  bar for the Ninety Seven Group and from there we built a reputation for creating great hospitality interiors.


In 2010 Pure asked us to design their restaurant space in Kinwick Centre and from there we have been able to branch out into Health and Fitness design. Restaurants and Health and Wellness design . . .  it’s a great combination for creativity.


Tell us about yourself and how you built a successful design studio in Hong Kong

We’ve designed close to twenty clubs for Pure Fitness in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.  Each site is different in terms of layout and space and this is a consideration to ensure we create a space that is functional yet aesthetically pleasing.


For our client, their primary goal is to offer a functional, hygienic and durable space for fitness enthusiasts. With this in mind, we look to maximise the natural light and space, particularly in Hong Kong where square metres are precious, while carefully selecting the right materials and finishes that perform well and energise fitness enthusiasts. Each centre has come with its own challenges that we turn into assets. We want members to be excited and inspired to workout so we take the fun part of the design very seriously by using colour, epic graphic murals (see some striking examples by Hong Kong based Artist, Elsa Jeandedieu), exciting lighting and layout that works. Bolon fits right in with all that.


What made you consider specifying Bolon for this type of application? 

I choose Bolon for Pure Fitness for several reasons. The strength, durability and vibrancy of Bolon lends well to fitness. Even with the heavy foot traffic and the high demands of gym facilities, I’m guaranteed that it’s going to last and be easy and quick to install.


Bolon’s non-slip advantage is also ideal from a safety point of view.  In Hong Kong and other parts of Southeast Asia, the incredibly high humidity levels require a flooring that is impervious to liquid and mould-resistant. Bolon satisfied this requirement.


For the Yoga Studios, I chose Bolon for comfort underfoot and its acoustic benefits.


Over time, I’m become more knowledgeable and familiar with Bolon, the collections and Studio shapes.  This is reflected in my recent designs where I often use Studio and bold colours to make the floor my creative outlet. Each gym is recognisable and the floor plays a big part of that.


What made you consider specifying Bolon for this type of application?

When choosing a floor covering, design and function need to coexist. For high-traffic area like gyms, it’s important to choose materials and finishes that are durable and hygienic, yet also add to the aesthetics of the space.


Would you consider using Bolon on a future project in the Health & Wellbeing sector?

Most definitely. In general, I find carpet unsuitable for Health and Wellbeing spaces.  Bolon is a durable, hygienic and beautiful option.  When combined with its design flexibility and fun factor, it’s my go-to floor covering for fitness environments.  I’m guaranteed a long-lasting, high-quality product, as well as great service.

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