Hanmar Wins Office Fitout Award

Hanmar was thrilled to be awarded best Office Fitout at the 2016 FAV Awards for their installation of BOLON at CGU Insurance

The corporate headquarters of CGU Insurance at 181 William Street, Melbourne, was recently refurbished to enhance the working environment for 4,000 employees. Using 1,450 m2 of custom angular shapes from the BOLON Botanic collection, Nick Henderson was employed to install BOLON on Regupol underlay to access flooring.

Based on the supplied floor plans, BOLON was cut in varied sized triangles to create a dramatic and stylish workspace. To minimise waste generated from cutting BOLON in the directional weave of the material according to design, a complex method to laser cut the material was used. The supplier packaged the triangles in such a way as to avoid confusion on site when creating the pattern.

To allow future access to the raised floor, the Regupol acoustic underlay was systematically installed to allow for the edging to be aligned with certain panels. The Regupol was installed with a pressure sensitive adhesive (rolled), with BOLON installed on top with a trowelled Mapei. This process required trialling a variety of methods to ensure the underlay did not bubble prior to the installation of BOLON. The solution involved trowelling the adhesive to achieve improved contact, however this in turn resulted in the rubber tearing when Bolon was pulled back off the access floor. Once BOLON was affixed to the underlay, it added structural stability which eliminated the tearing issue.

Despite tight deadlines and a challenging installation, the installation team worked tirelessly for three weeks to achieve a successful outcome for the client. The job was completed flawlessly and within budget.

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