Optimizing Your Hotel Investment

BOLON flooring represents an unbeatable combination of design, durability, ease of cleaning and sustainability. BOLON also has many of the practical advantages of other alternatives making it highly competitive when being considered for hotel premises.

Over the lifetime of the flooring – and all BOLON flooring comes with a 10 or 15 year guarantee – this saving is potentially enormous, and will offset any initial extra cost. In plain terms, this means that the total of your initial investment in BOLON and subsequent care and maintenance will in most cases be significantly less than in other less durable and less attractive solutions.

BOLON Advantages

Other practical advantages:

Durability – All BOLON collections have EN685 durability class 32 or 33, giving them a long product life even if used in areas of high foot traffic. The appearance retention is unlike textile, carpet or hardwood flooring.

Quiet and Comfortable – BOLON flooring increases comfort, reduces slip and drag and absorbs sound effectively, adding to your hotel’s calm, harmonic atmosphere.

Fire Resistance – Every BOLON collection has Bfl-s1 fire resistance.

More Hygienic – BOLON flooring has been approved by The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF) as the yarn does not allow microorganisms to live on it making it odour free and highly stain resistant. Its impervious PVC backing also prevents spillages reaching the floor.

Higher Air quality – BOLON has VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions well below recommended levels.

Easy to Clean – The vast majority of cleaning tasks can be accomplished with a vacuum cleaner and scrubbing brush and do not require harmful chemical agents.

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