Revolutionising Hotel Design with Sustainable Luxury

Crystalbrook Collection Cairns

Hospitality projects have the power to showcase masterfully conceived interior design. From carefully formed aesthetics and considered spaces that meet the demands of hardworking staff and guests who expect excellence, hospitality interiors have a lot to live up to.


At the pinnacle of good hospitality design is Crystalbrook Collection. Champions of sustainable luxury and advocates of travel with a lighter footprint, the group boasts three hotels in Cairns, Crystalbrook Riley, Crystalbrook Bailey and Crystalbrook Flynn. The hotels boldly showcase cutting-edge design and innovation concepts that are revolutionising the hotel industry.


Combining function and beauty, Bolon flooring from Bolon By You collection features throughout the space and was selected to support the versatility and sustainability credentials of the environment. Its high-performance benefits, including durability, ease of maintenance, acoustic properties and health benefits, made it the ideal flooring solution for bustling hospitality space.


Crystalbrook Collection Cairns

Welcome to an iconic luxury experience with a distinct ocean theme, starting when you enter the foyer all the way to your room. The holiday escape fuses luxury with sustainable architecture, bringing it straight to the top of our travel list!


The hotel puts the guests at the heart of the design process, with features embodying the brands identifying characteristics, or as they call it, responsible luxury. It has embedded sustainability deep into its design, marketing, and business strategies and pledges to embrace environmental change to enhance, not compromise, the quality of guest experiences. In design terms this has meant experimenting with materials, supply chain and service delivery. The hotel adopts a no-plastics policy, boasts 100% waste-free bathrooms, uses solar energy, and focuses on incorporating materials that are recycled and biodegradable, down to the coat hangers offered in guest rooms.


The conscious decision to feature Bolon flooring throughout the hotel is another indication of their commitment to the environment. The recycled content of Bolon floors and fully accredited supply chain meets the highest sustainability credentials, making it the perfect fit for the environmentally conscious hospitality brand.


“The hotel’s focus on sustainability played a role in the selection of finishes and materials, including the decision to feature Bolon in the space. It was a great brand alignment.” – Joel Gordan, Crystalbrook Collection Area Manager


Bringing the outside in

Their most recent 5-star project, Crystalbrook Flynn opened in 2020, with more than 300 rooms and suites, a day spa and 24-hour gym, three floors of urban street eatery-style restaurants and bars and a glass-sided swimming pool overlooking the Esplanade. The tropical environment can be experienced on the ground level at gastro-pub style restaurant, Boardwalk Social, with the resort style pool and activity spaces being the new focus. A reef-inspired canopy is playfully linking all elements. The venue playfully blurs the lines between interior and exterior spaces with a visual connection to the lagoon pool and the incorporation of greenery.


Playing with the colours of the ocean, Bolon flooring sets the foundation for high-traffic common areas. The customisable Bolon By You collection features throughout the space and adds a contemporary geometric pattern in a combination of black and dove blue that resembles the colours of the sea. The tactile weave, light-reflective properties, and endless design possibilities made Bolon a great flooring solution for the space.


Continuing the theme of brining the outside in, natural light drenches the surfaces of the furnishings. Guests are instantly immersed in this environmentally sensitive and playful resort where neutral fabrics combine with raw timber tables and chairs that have been carved into organic shapes.


To further support their sustainability efforts and support local artisans, there was an emphasis on using natural and authentic materials such as reclaimed woods and stone while also working with a network of local Queensland artisans and wholesalers to custom design and manufacture unique statement pieces that tell a special story about Cairns.



Focused on wellbeing

However, with hospitality design, it’s not all about aesthetics. Paramount to their offering, the hotel prioritises the health and wellbeing of guests. This is reflected in services offered and design. Gyms are wellness amenities include state-of-the-art equipment, where guests are encouraged to move and stay active.


As part of their heightened hygiene measures, the hotel is cash-free and accept card payment only. Cleaning is carried out without the use of harsh chemical and toxins, including the maintenance of Bolon flooring where only a mop, vacuum and water is required. Adding to the wellness credentials, Bolon flooring boasts low VOC emissions to ensure no adverse health effects to staff and guests.


“We selected Bolon flooring not only for its commitment to sustainability, but also for the ease of cleaning and easy maintenance routines.” – Joel Gordan, Crystalbrook Collection Area Manager


A space for years to come

When designing the hotel, careful consideration was given to ensuring finishes would withstand the test of time, including a high-performance flooring solution. Durable, non-slip flooring was required, with consideration given to the ease of maintenance and ability to keep the space hygienic and healthy for guests.

Being a resilient floor covering, the simple maintenance and durability of Bolon contributes to its longevity. With a tight weave secured by layers of impenetrable backing, Bolon flooring is impervious to liquids, dirt, and germs to deliver a hygienic and easy to maintain flooring solution.


Sustainable luxury

Compromising the environment for finer luxuries and experiences is now a thing of the past with Crystallbrook Collection. For the conscious traveller, Island Point interiors along with the team at Crystallbrook Collection have created a sanctuary like no other in Tropical North Queensland.


Why Bolon?

Crystallbrook Collection chose Bolon flooring. With the high-performance benefits of Bolon, the choice was simple.


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