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This week, we chat with Sierra Bangari of Breather, a flexible workspace provider that recently installed BAUX Acoustic Panels at two of their locations in New York.

What do you think your clients are looking for in a Breather space?
Our clients are booking Breathers for various reasons. There is a level of flexibility the client has when utilizing the space for their specific function whether that be a company-wide offsite, a team brainstorming session, a one on one meeting or as an office for growing teams who want private suites or floors without a lease commitment. Regardless of the use case, the common denominator is the idea of having a private space of your own to work in.

Our spaces are filled with comfortable furniture, natural light, and technology to help make meetings and focus work a frictionless experience.

Why did you and your team choose BAUX products for these spaces?
Breather was just beginning to venture into larger scale-spaces. We quickly realized the importance of acoustic solutions to maintain privacy and focus in these new sized spaces. Our design choices were leaning towards exposed concrete floors, glass partitions for the transference of natural light and high ceilings. Finding the right solution that aligned with our brand and aesthetic was difficult until we learned about BAUX.

Breather Workspace, USA (4)

Our Purchasing and Logistics Director discovered BAUX at a trade show and our team was impressed by the aesthetic but also the easy installation process and its sustainable aspects.

Acoustic solutions are now even more important as a design element with Breather supplying products for our office clients. These high growth companies are looking to invest in a space where different members of their team can focus individually and work collaboratively all at the same time when needed.


How did the design brief inform your choice of colour and pattern for BAUX panels?
We had accent walls in two of our, then brand new, spaces that very closely matched some already standard colours from BAUX. After seeing Elliots (BAUX in New York) proposal of a monochromatic look, we felt it was important to build on that but still hold tight to Breather’s essence of the spaces; inviting, distraction-free, and flexible, while still creating these large gestures with entire walls cladded with the BAUX panels to create an intelligently designed and productive space.

Breather Workspace, USA (6)

Breather Workspace, USA (3)

What is the importance of a well-designed acoustic environment?
Modern office workers spend most of their days doing individual focused work and collaborative group work. These two types of work require different environments. The acoustics of a space is an important factor. Noise, especially overheard speech, is very disruptive to focused work. Acoustic panels help keep noise generated by collaborative group work away from focused work areas. At the same time, acoustic privacy — not being overheard without one’s knowledge, is important for confidential meetings and collaborative work. Acoustic panels help ensure that sensitive information, intellectual property, or private conversation do not filter out of meeting areas.

Breather Workspace, USA (5)

A well designed acoustic environment means that the user can focus or collaborate to get to their highest level of productivity with Breather’s private meeting and office spaces.

What is the importance of a well-designed acoustic environment?
In this office space it was important for the in-between break out spaces to be open to the corridor and workspaces to ensure that they were used for short meetings. The client stated that meeting rooms in their previous office were often occupied for hours even days, which meant less and less space available for a quick chat. There is a noticeable quieter environment when you enter the BAUX-lined in-between spaces. Noise created in these spaces is contained rather than spilling out across the work floor or into the adjacent meeting spaces.

Acoustic panels help ensure that sensitive information, intellectual property, or private conversation do not filter out of meeting areas.

What would a dream BAUX project look like?
A dream BAUX project would be the panel’s function and aesthetic applied to a more specific, almost interactive medium such as furniture and fixtures. I can imagine wall sconces with flat or curved plate faces made of BAUX’s panel materials and a diffused light emanating from behind, or a lounge chair with the patterns synonymous with BAUX, contouring around the shape of a chair.


Learn more about Breather Workspace, or visit our project references for other BAUX acoustic interior design projects.



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