Bolon x Snarkitecture

This year, Bolon adds a new friend to the already exciting portfolio of some of the world’s most influential names within the design industry.

The New York-based design practice, Snarkitecture, has created a multi-room booth for the 2020 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The space highlights Bolon’s collections, but also gives fair visitors a chance to slow down and engage with an unexpected experience.


Snarkitecture creates projects that transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines and the practice consists of the architects/artists Alex Mustonen, Daniel Arsham, and Ben Porto. The trio favors the analogue over the digital, the physical over the intangible, and the minimal over the maximal.


“Collaborating with Bolon has presented us with the opportunity to create something different within the context of a design fair. Snarkitecture’s work looks to introduce moments of surprise and wonder, often in unexpected settings. For our installation with Bolon, we started with the idea of a labyrinth-like series of rooms that invite visitors to explore, discover, and interact with both the architectural environment and Bolon’s products”, says Alex Mustonen.


This year Bolon presents the Art of Performance which explores the endless possibilities with its existing collections as well as focus on the core attributes of the woven flooring: designability, sustainability, cleanability and durability.


The Snarkitecture designed booth, is a labyrinth which will take visitors on a journey through multiple rooms and communicate different features of Bolon’s story, products and performances. Visitors will be able to interact with different flooring tiles and be able to test out their own ways of laying them and creating innovative patterns. A way of showing that woven flooring really can be a piece of art.


“This year when we launch the Art of Performance, we couldn’t be prouder to collaborate with such a cool an innovative studio as Snarkitecture. We have followed their work for companies like COS, Gufram Dior, Nike, Calico and UVA to name a few. So, it’s been an honor to see them develop our concept into a creative stand experience. We look forward to the response from our visitors during the fair,” says Annica Eklund, Chief Creative Officer at Bolon.

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