BAUX Interviews – Svenja Diekmann & Hem

Svenja Diekmann, Head of Design at Hem, tells us about their pop up shop in New York City.


Tell us a bit about the project?
We wanted to take our brand to the US and along with several other Swedish brands we created a pop-up shop on busy Broadway to showcase Scandinavian design.


Why did you choose BAUX?
BAUX is great because it’s so adaptable. The tiles come in different colors and sizes, which means you can create designs that fit in any space.

Pop-up Shop, New York (5)

How did the BAUX designs transform the space?
We had a lot of fun playing around with the Arch panel and decided on some 70’s inspired patterns with curves that flow. The designs brought something unique to the space. It’s great to be able to use different styles and colours in different settings within one space.

“The idea was to create a quiet oasis filled Scandinavian design in the loud and busy Broadway district. The wonderful thing about BAUX tiles is that you can match NCS colours, so we were able to match colours from our latest collection.”

Pop-up Shop, New York (6)

How have people reacted?

The pop-up shop was a huge success and we plan on launching the same concept in other major cities in the US and Europe. The BAUX walls received a lot of attention and compliments. As we share the same clients, architects and designers, it was a great collaboration.


What’s your dream BAUX project?

I’d like to design a whole house with BAUX designs in different rooms with different furniture set-ups.

Visit the BAUX Hem Pop-up case page to learn more about the Hem project created by their in-house design department, New York, United States. Or visit the references page for other BAUX acoustic interior design projects.


First published on www.baux.se

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