BAUX Interview – Therese Haaland Jonassen

Therese Haaland Jonassen at Zinc Architecture spoke about designing the office space for Fremtind and the implementation of acoustics.

When SpareBank1 and DNB combined to establish a new insurance brand, Fremtind, they wanted a building that was forward thinking and innovative. Sustainability was a crucial part of this vision. In close collaboration with Scandinavian Design Group, who were responsible for developing the new brand, interior architects at Zinc created the physical representation: a sustainable, future proofed, solution using BAUX products.

How did the project start?

We were approached by two Norwegian banks who were looking to create a new insurance company. As part of starting their new business they wanted us to redesign the interior of an existing building to represent their values and vision as an insurance partner for life.


How did you go about creating a space that embodies their brand values?

Sustainability was a key consideration for the client and we were able to reuse much of the existing furnishings. New design elements had to conform to their forward looking goals and offer high functionality and flexibility without compromising on sustainability. We feel this is a good way to future proof your business.

Fremtind, Norway - Pulp Origami Energy and Pulse (1)

Why did you choose to use BAUX?

I first noticed BAUX products at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and fell in love with them! A lot of products offer function and aesthetics but BAUX is also sustainable. That’s the difference for us.


Would you use BAUX in future projects?

Absolutely, we love the material and the textures and colour combinations. There is so much flexibility, which allows you to create interesting spaces. It’s a very powerful tool for branding buildings.

Fremtind, Norway - Tiles Triangle, Square, Rectangle and Parallelogram (2)

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