Choosing The Right Floor

Having trouble imagining Bolon in your project space? Learn how to quickly order Bolon samples via a simple 3-step-process

1. Browse Collections and Projects

Finding the perfect flooring solution begins with exploring Bolon collections and being inspired by reference projects from around the world and across all sectors, including Hospitality, Retail, Education, Health and Aged-Care and Office environments.

The Bolon Collections Page features 14 collections and over 100 articles to offer endless design possibilities for all spaces.
The Bolon Projects page features inspiring references from across the globe.


2. On the Collections page, decide the articles most suited to your project.

Diversity CollectionThe above images shows Bolon’s latest collection, Diversity.


3. Click on the Request Samples button and complete your details

After completing your contact details and specifying the samples you require, sample(s) will be delivered or posted to you within 1-2 business days.

Request Samples

Final note: Caring for the environment and limiting our environmental footprint is our top priority. Please order consciously and contact us should you wish to return samples you no longer require.


If you prefer to discuss flooring solutions with a Bolon expert, please contact one of our Sales Managers.


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