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Designing the future at The University Of Melbourne

Design plays a central role in shaping the student experience and guiding the development of a new generation within Education environments. The University of Melbourne is committed to providing the education sector with innovative design solutions that support, provoke and inspire.


To support the design brief and deliver a durable, easy to clean flooring solution, Bolon features throughout the facility, from the library, student accommodation and beyond.


We spoke to Tony Gould, ISS Facility Services, Key Account Manager at the university, to understand his experience with managing the campus and the reasons Bolon continues to be the flooring of choice when redeveloping the facility over the past decade.

From the library and beyond

Looking for an easy to maintain, durable flooring solution for Giblin Eunson Library, Bolon flooring was installed throughout the space in 2012.  Bolon has withstood the test of time to deliver a functional yet beautiful solution for the space.


“Bolon flooring covers approximately 90% of the total flooring in the Giblin Eunson Library (2000m2) and was installed in 2012. The library has an extremely high traffic load throughout its entirety. Nine years after installation the flooring is still in extremely good condition.” says Tony Gould, ISS Facility Services Key Account Manager, The University of Melbourne.

Given the high-performance of the product, Bolon flooring has since been installed in the John Medley Building and Art West Building, to name a few. The dynamic upgrades at the main campus include creating clear sight lines, sufficient lighting, reliable acoustics and efficient temperature control, while ensuring an accommodating and inspiring interior experience. Bolon supports these design objectives and continues to be the flooring of choice for the evolving campus.

Forever flooring with Bolon

Aligned with The University of Melbourne’s focus on sustainability, Bolon offered a flooring solution that meets the strictest standards. The high durability rating ensure an extended product lifecycle and appearance retention, particularity when compared to traditional textile alternatives.


“Bolon flooring is easy to clean and extremely durable, offering excellent appearance retention over time and a long product life.” says Tony Gould, ISS Facility Services Key Account Manager, The University of Melbourne.


To support the extended hours of operation, cleaning is quick, easy and free of any harsh chemicals.


“ISS is a global facility management company and at the University of Melbourne maintains Bolon flooring using a Whittaker encapsulation machine. The cleaning process is quick, efficient and operator friendly. Additionally only water is required to clean the flooring, eliminating the use of chemicals.” says Tony Gould, ISS Facility Services Key Account Manager, The University of Melbourne.


In addition to the quick and gentle cleaning methods, Bolon is a low VOC, non-toxic flooring solution which promotes improved indoor air quality and a healthier environment for growing minds.

Why Bolon?

Bolon continues to be selected for The University of Melbourne campus. With the performance benefits of Bolon, the choice was simple.


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