BAUX Interviews – Work Spaces and Acoustics

We interviewed Gordon Yeaman at Keppie in Glasgow to hear how they’ve been using BAUX’s Plank series.

Tell us a bit about the project?
Shepherd and Wedderburn are one of Scotland’s leading law firms. They were looking to challenge the way they interact with clients so they asked Keppie to design their meeting rooms and collaboration spaces in order to give staff and clients greater opportunities to mingle and interact.

Shepherd and Wedderburn

Why did you choose BAUX?
We discovered BAUX after seeing designs one of our suppliers had created in their showroom. We liked the shape, flexibility and the natural raw feel of the wood fibers.

How did the BAUX designs transform the space?
We chose BAUX Plank for this project because the natural textures broke down the formality of the meeting room and the acoustics were softer. The classic plank shape allowed us to create a herringbone configuration that unified all client meeting rooms, the main reception and staff relaxation areas.

“We choose BAUX Plank because the natural fibers and subtle colour fluctuations provided an informal texture to breakdown the formality of meeting rooms.”

How have people reacted?
The client is delighted with the finished project, in particular the impact the new space has had on work practices and client experiences.

“We wanted to create a feeling of space but maintain client confidentiality. The acoustics  also helped to create a more intimate, responsive setting.”

Shepherd and Wedderburn

What would your dream BAUX project look like?
We’ve already considered BAUX for future projects- we love the flexibility, shape, colour configurations and acoustic properties. There are a number of environments this application would enhance. I’d love to use BAUX in a larger scale context where we can play around with the product’s potential.

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