Being Green

In a world facing climate change and resource scarcity, it’s crucial to be conscious of the environmental impact of products.  BOLON is celebrated for their recycling process that feeds into the production of flooring. Meet the machine that makes it possible, The Afflomerator.

Bolon’s recycling process starts with the retention of waste. The company keeps any excess material produced during the manufacturing process of its flooring, as well as purchasing additional waste materials from suppliers. In the near future, this policy will be expanded to buying such materials direct from manufacturers.

Once these substances – such as edge trimming or yarn – have been cut into small pieces using a grinder, they are placed into the Agglomerator. Inside this machine, the waste is mixed together with brand-new material and filler, before being melted and melded together. The result is a brand new material that can be used as backing for Bolon flooring. In this way, the agglomerator turns waste into something valuable and new.

By the end of 2017, after a period of gathering new types of reusable waste products and experimenting on different mixtures, the company will use recycled material in all of its collections. Through the intelligent reuse of waste, Bolon is pioneering an environmentally friendly approach to design and sustainability.

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