Design For Inclusivity

Design for Inclusivity

With a focus on ensuring greater access and inclusivity, Purposed Housing Australia in collaboration with In Design International have demonstrated their commitment to delivering housing solutions that consider individual circumstances and disability support needs while also meeting the requirements of the Australian Government’s NDIS scheme.


To meet the scheme’s requirements and assist with greater accessibility, Bolon flooring is proven to offer a high performance flooring solution.


 Introducing Robust Group Home, Victoria

Designed by Penny Del Castillo, Director at In Design International and commissioned by Purposed Housing Australia Pty Ltd, the home represents a major breakthrough in ensuring greater access in a residential setting.


The 4-bedroom home was designed and developed in partnership with carers and professionals familiar with the needs of the 4 male residents as well as the residents themselves. Consideration was given to identifying behavioural triggers to lessen the frequency and risk of challenging behaviours and resulted in an environment that minimised the need for restrictive interventions.


When planning and implementing robust category homes, there are some key design elements that must be closely considered, including flooring. Durable, non-slip flooring is required, with consideration given to the ease of maintenance and ability to keep the space hygienic and healthy for residents.


Unlike carpets that are not recommended due to incontinence and domestic vinyl flooring that is easily damaged, Bolon offers the ideal flooring solution that strikes the right balance between high-performance factors and aesthetic appeal.


In addition to delivering a highly functional space that met the requirements of the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Robust design category, the designers created a calm environment using a combination of subtle industrial elements with a warm colour palette.


Bolon features throughout the property in the lounge room and bedrooms, adding to the design aesthetic and supporting the functional requirements of the home. When choosing a flooring solution, design flexibility was important however the product needed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of electric wheelchairs while also being easy to clean and maintain.


“Bolon was chosen as it looks great yet can withstand heavy wear and tear of electric wheelchairs. It’s also easy to clean and low maintenance”.

Anna Fleming,
Director, Purposed Housing Australia

With a tight weave secured by layers of impenetrable backing, Bolon is impervious to liquids, dirty and germs and offers a hygienic flooring solution. Comfort underfoot, sound absorption and aesthetic appeal were also key factors, although to a lesser extent, when selecting a suitable floor covering.


“The unique woven texture of Bolon was very appealing as it had the visual softness I was pursuing. The tight weave and the fact that the woven texture cannot be unraveled was what made the application an easy choice.”

Penny Del Castillo,
Director, In Design International

An inclusive approach to design is an opportunity to use creativity and lateral thinking to make places that reflect the diversity of people who want to use them. NDIS SDA Robust Group Home is a true demonstration of an inclusively designed built environment, with Bolon offering a flooring solution to help facilitate this.


“We have had great feedback from people who have seen Bolon at our SDA project in Cranbourne. They’re all very impressed with its function and aesthetic. We would highly recommend Bolon to any Disability, Aged Care or Child Care service provider”

Anna Fleming,
Director, Purposed Housing Australia

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