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With many people across Australia requiring disability accommodation and more than 6,300 young Australians living in aged care homes not suited to their needs, the necessity for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is apparent.


Focused on ensuring greater access and inclusivity, Ability SDA have demonstrated their commitment to delivering housing solutions that consider individual circumstances and disability support needs while also meeting the requirements of the Australian Government’s NDIS scheme.


To meet the scheme’s requirements and support greater accessibility, Bolon was chosen for Ability SDA’s recent Disability Housing project and is proven to offer a high-performance flooring solution.


 Introducing Guildford Disability Housing, Sydney

Borne out of a commitment to making a difference to the lives of those in need, Ability SDA has a long and successful history of developing homes for participants who require specialist housing solutions, to assist with the delivery of support that caters for their functional impairment and needs.


Their recent development in Guildford, Sydney includes 15-purpose built apartments featuring state-of-the-art design features that meet the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation certification for High Physical Support as well as Liveable Housing Australia’s Platinum design level certification High Physical Support certification under the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation guidelines.


Each apartment offers the highest level of accessibility with smart-home features including, generous, open plan living spaces framed by floor-to-ceiling glass that floods the home with natural light. Expansive terraces seamlessly extend the interiors to the outdoors.


“At Ability SDA we purpose build apartments for people with disability. Most of our tenants have high physical support needs and are in wheelchairs. We needed a floor covering that was durable, could handle high traffic and was easy to clean. The flooring had to have hit certain targets like slip resistance, sound ratings, fire ratings and medical ratings. Not so easy to do!”

Angie Simmons,
Director, Ability SDA

Height adjustable benchtops and a score of other thoughtful design features make the kitchens a joy for meal preparation, and each accessible bedroom includes an ensuite with high functionality.


When designing the Platinum Level (LHA), High Physical Support (SDA) category apartments, there were key design elements that needed careful consideration, including a high-performance flooring solution. Durable, non-slip flooring was required, with consideration given to the ease of maintenance and ability to keep the space hygienic and healthy for residents.


Unlike carpet that is not recommended in SDA properties due to maintenance and hygiene issues after spills and domestic vinyl flooring that is easily damaged, Bolon offers the ideal flooring solution that strikes the right balance between high-performance factors and aesthetic appeal.


To support the delivery of functional design solutions for the Platinum Level (LHA), High Physical Support (SDA) category home, Bolon flooring was selected throughout the apartments in the lounge room, kitchen and bedrooms.


“We wanted a homely feel for our projects and Bolon has been a great choice. Bolon has been laid in all common areas and apartments, it is seamless and extremely durable.”

Angie Simmons,
Director, Ability SDA

With a tight weave secured by layers of impenetrable backing, Bolon flooring is impervious to liquids, dirt and germs and offered a hygienic and easy to maintain flooring solution. The flooring is also quick and easy to clean, requiring no harsh chemicals and only a vacuum, mop and water to maintain.


The slip-resistant properties of Bolon flooring proved important to ensure a safe environment for residents. The ease of manoeuvring wheels over the flooring is also advantageous for residents in wheelchairs or requiring the assistance of a portable walking chair. Comfort underfoot and sound absorption were also key factors, although to a lesser extent, when selecting a suitable floor covering.


Using creativity and lateral thinking, Guildford Apartments delivers an innovative housing model that facilitates equal, confident and independent living for all.


“Bolon was recommended by Summer Foundation as an alternative to vinyl or timber. I wasn’t too sure at first but once I touched it and saw the colours, I was sold. The Bolon Sales Manager also took me on site inspections to see Bolon first hand. The nursing home I visited had Bolon in bedrooms, dining ares and corridors – all high traffic areas. I was so impressed by its warmth and homely feel. It didn’t trap dirt and was easy to clean.

We chose Artisan Slate for our common areas and Botanic Cilia for our apartments. We are thrilled with the result. Our tenants love how easy it is to roll around, no lumpy transitions, anti-slip and it brings warmth to their home. Well done Bolon!”

Angie Simmons,
Director, Ability SDA

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