Going Back To The Office

Less Noise, More Ideas! 

Collaboration and communication are essential resources for every business, so how can acoustic design make it easier for people to meet and share ideas?


The trend for co-working open-plan spaces has forged a culture of collaboration by providing access to multifunctional spaces. Chance meetings spark conversations and magic happens when people with different backgrounds and disciplines work together. But collaboration creates noise, and noise hinders creativity.


BAUX brings people and ideas quietly together by lowering the noise threshold, and creating a calm environment where ideas can flourish.


Explore our latest collection of Baux Wood Wool renderings and choose the right acoustics for the conversations in your workplace.

Get ideas flowing by designing the right acoustic environment for people to thrive. Good acoustics create the calm that’s essential for workers to relax and feel creative. Explore our latest collection of wood wool renderings and create the right acoustics for your workspace.

Back to sitting in the same office chair every day? Creating unique spaces for people to meet and mingle brings new perspectives. BAUX latest collection of wood wool acoustic tiles come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes to create the right acoustics for every workspace!

During normal circumstances we spend up to a third of our life in the office, so let’s make work a space we want to spend time in! BAUX acoustic products can help to boost vitality and creativity by reducing stressful background noise to make your workspace quietly beautiful.

How do good ideas evolve into outstanding products? BAUX acoustic tiles create the perfect backdrop for teamwork and collaboration.

Lower the volume! Good acoustics are essential for people to relax and feel creative. Design a space for the conversations that drive your business forward with BAUX’s latest collection of wood wool renderings.

As workers again will reconnect at work, make the experience of working alongside colleagues pleasurable! BAUX’s latest collection of acoustic wood wool renderings have been designed to spark creative conversations in your workspace while reducing the hustle and bustle of distracting background noise.


Learn more about BAUX projects for more inspiration.

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