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15 years of design and innovation with Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love (FUWL), is the internationally recognised and awarded design studio founded in 2005. Since its conception, the studio has burned with a passion for design and its democratic potential. Its belief is that we all have a right to meaningful design. Stockholm-based, the studio is an incubator of sorts, with team members free to explore and establish ventures that sit within and without its perimeters.


“We have defined our mission as Design Real Change, our guide to influence everything we do here at Form Us With Love. This ambition is very time consuming. It means we have to dig deep to influence entire industries, and make better products in terms of innovation, sustainability and quality production to make long-lasting solutions,” says Jonas Pettersson, CEO at Form Us With Love.

Form Us With Love x Baux

The studio’s ethical ethos of ‘designing real change’ led them to create Baux. The original co-founders of Form Us With Love – Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér – teamed up with entrepreneurs Johan Ronnestam and Fredrik Franzon to take conventional architectural products and make them more visually appealing. In doing so, they took the exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties of a Swedish-made building material called Träulit, first invented in the 1940s, and completely reinvented its aesthetics.

By modularising and shrinking the proportions of the tile, it makes way for being creative within a space. A chance for an architect to extend their creative stamp further than they might normally. Since its launch, BAUX has captured the imaginations of designers and architects to become one of the most talked about acoustic insulation brands in the market. BAUX acoustic products can be found in the offices of Wework and Google, as well as, stores the stores of Stella McCartney.

Beyond BAUX – Venture into the world of Form Us With Love

As with Baux, Form Us With Love take a disciplined and holistic approach to launching and building brands with a focus on sustainability. Its latest venture, FORGO is a great step in Form Us With Love’s continual search for opportunities to make sustainability an everyday thing by reconfiguring the most basic of personal care products; handwash.


Forgo is a mix-it-yourself cosmetics brand that minimises carbon emissions and avoids plastic packaging. One small paper sachet contains the essential ingredients needed to turn regular tap water into a full bottle of foaming hand wash— in under a minute. In the place of one plastic bottle, you can get 20 refills instead, effectively eliminating plastic waste in our landfills.


Form Us With Love brings their design discipline to every aspect of FORGO down to the touch and smell and the product is very thoughtfully designed to be sustainable. The powder comes packaged in sustainably-sourced and compostable/recyclable paper sachets. The scents themselves are sustainably made. Wood is distilled from timber yard scraps in Canada and Citrus is distilled from leftover pulp and peel from organic juicing plants in the Caribbean.

Over the years, Form Us With Love have also collaborated with international brands including La Cividina, Cappellini, DePadova, Bolon, Muuto and IKEA and received global recognition through countless design awards, including being named in the top 5 of Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the world’s most innovative design companies in 2020.


With a strong vision for sustainable transformation in all areas of design and a yearning for positive change, we eagerly await what’s next for these design-led investors.


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