A Healthy + Hygienic Floor

With Bolon, you can be certain that nothing lies beneath the surface. 

As we face unprecedented times, the importance of health and hygiene in built environments has increased. How products perform in terms of preventing the spread of germs and ease of ensuring a hygienic environment has never been so important. By driving innovation in the field of woven design, Bolon combines proprietary weaving technology, resilient yarn, low surface area with a simple cleaning routine to deliver a healthy and hygienic flooring solution.


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Infection Control

The prevention of the growth of organisms and survival of microbes that may cause cross infection has never been so important. Bolon has been tested by Australian testing laboratory AWTA to evaluate its effectiveness in preventing the survival of organisms.


– Bolon floors do not support the survival of organisms (AWTA HHC-5 test)

– Bolon floors can be disinfected with diluted bleach without discoloration (AWTA HHC-1 test)

– Bolon floors demonstrate resistance to liquid penetration which prevents mold and infectious growth (AWTA HHC-8)

The proof is in the testing.


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Bolon Floor Care
To prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading, good hygiene and regular cleaning from the floor up, is vital. With simple maintenance routines requiring no harmful chemicals and only a vacuum, mop and water, Bolon is an easy to clean flooring solution.


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Support + Advice

Our team has decades of experience in all aspects of floor management. If you need advice or support on how to choose a healthy and hygienic flooring solution for any space, please contact us.


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