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Setting new standards in patient care and sustainability – Lyell McEwin Hospital 

The $96 million redevelopment of Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide, Australia involved creating new hospital facilities on an existing campus. The project, spread over 35,000 square metres, was designed by Cheesman Architects in collaboration with Silver Thomas Hanley and set new standards in patient care, as well as low energy and sustainable design principles for health buildings in Australia.


To support its updated means of care and high sustainability targets, while meeting aesthetic standards and providing long-term flexibility, Lyell McEwin has continued the use of Bolon throughout various areas of their facility, including corridors, outpatient areas, foyers, and communal spaces to offer a high-performance flooring solution.

Health + hygiene at the forefront

The importance of health and hygiene in a hospital environment is clear and how products perform to prevent the spread of germs and ease of ensuring a hygienic environment is vital. The design team meticulously selected finishes with this in mind, including Bolon flooring.


By driving innovation in the field of woven design, Bolon combines proprietary weaving technology, resilient yarn, low surface area with a simple cleaning routine to deliver a healthy and hygienic flooring solution.


“With Bolon flooring being impervious, we have no issues with infection control. We have had many spills with food, blood, faeces, and other specimens happen on the Bolon flooring, the spills are picked up quickly and there is no slip residues.”     

–  Maxine Deguet, Key Acount Manager, ISS Health Services, Lyell McEwin and Modbury Hospitals

The proof is in the testing

The prevention of the growth of organisms and survival of microbes that may cause cross infection was also a consideration. Bolon has been tested by Australian testing laboratory AWTA to evaluate its effectiveness in preventing the survival of organisms, with confirmation that Bolon floors do not support the survival of organisms (AWTA HHC-5 test), can be disinfected with diluted bleach without discoloration (AWTA HHC-1 test) and demonstrate resistance to liquid penetration which prevents mold and infectious growth (AWTA HHC-8)


100% cleanability guaranteed

The flooring is also quick and easy to clean, requiring no harsh chemicals and only a vacuum, mop and water to maintain.


“We have had Bolon flooring in Lyell McEwin Hospital for a number of years and find it very user friendly to clean and maintain.”  

–  Maxine Deguet, Key Acount Manager, ISS Health Services, Lyell McEwin and Modbury Hospitals

Greater and safer access for all 

Push/pull limitations, preventing falls and injuries, and reducing noise are also contributing factors to the quality of care. The slip-resistant properties of Bolon flooring proved important to ensure a safe environment for patients. The ease of maneuvering wheels over the flooring is also advantageous for wheelchairs, portable walking chairs, trollies and medical machinery.


Healthy for the planet & people

Aligning with the philosophy that great design can help people feel better as well as being healthy for the environment, the design team implemented a series of energy-saving techniques and sustainable materials within the project.


When selecting flooring, it was vital that it satisfied strict environmental standards. The recycled content of Bolon floors and fully accredited supply chain not only meets the highest sustainability credentials, but also ensures a health indoor environment with zero chemical cleaning requirements. The durable nature of the product, guarantees a long lifecycle and appearance retention for many years to come.


With the ability to deliver on design and performance, Bolon flooring was selected in various high-traffic areas within the hospital, including communal areas, corridors, foyers and reception areas.


“I am extremely happy with the performance of Bolon flooring. In one area, the Bolon flooring has been down for 7 years and it still looks like new.”

–  Maxine Deguet, Key Acount Manager, ISS Health Services, Lyell McEwin and Modbury Hospitals


Why Bolon?

Bolon features across various areas of Lyell McEwin Hospital. With the performance benefits of Bolon, the choice was simple.

Support + advice

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