2020 Interior Design Colour Trends

Colour has the power to transform spaces into experiences that not only enhance the aesthetic of an environment but also impact how people feel.

As seen over the years, colour trends in interior design are heavily influenced by fashion. From moody hues, bold shades and soft neutrals, here are some of the colour trends you can expect to see in design projects this year.


A powerful pair | Black and white

High-contrast black and white is such a dynamic duo. Black and white will never go out of style. This combo is both timeless and modern.  Designers all over the world rely on black and white in different variations of materials and finishes, confidently exploiting the oppositeness of these two (non-)colours and we expect to see this trend continue in 2020.


BOLON floors to consider with a black + white palette: Missoni Flame Patch Black, Missoni Zig Zag Black, BKB Sisal Plain Black, Botanic Viola, Artisan Ivory, Graphic Texture Black, Graphic Etch, Graphic Herringbone Black, Graphic Gradient Black, Silence Pause or bespoke flooring with Bolon By You

Rich earthy tones

A contrast to cool tones that have ruled for many years, rich earthy tones are making their mark on design projects this year. Think earthy muted okra and terracotta tones found in the desert landscape. It’s all about the subdued shades that blend in with nature to create a calm and grounded interior.


BOLON floors to consider with a rich + earthy palette: Botanic Tilia,  Botanic Sage, Botanic Garden, Botanic Thyme, Ethnic Abisko, Ethnic Gabna, Artisan Sienna or bespoke flooring with Bolon By You.

Grey continues its course

More neutral than black, grey continues its course without fault as a trend color in 2020. Elegant, timeless, particularly easy to marry, it is plebiscite in all its nuances, from anthracite to almost white.


BOLON floors to consider with a grey colour palette: Elements Wool, Elements Marble, Elements Flint, Elements Silk, BKB Sisal Plain Granite,  BKB Sisal Plain Steel, Flow Shell Silver, Flow Shore Silver, Flow Pearl Silver, Botanic Osier, Now Silver, Artisan Concrete, Artisan Slate, Graphic String,  Graphic Texture Grey,  Graphic Checked and Graphic Gradient Grey.

Dare as never before | Bold & bright colour blocking

As we move further into 2020, the world is infused with the anticipation of a bright new decade. Colours that represent enthusiasm and happiness, are set to make their mark on design spaces. Bold and bright colours and colour blocking will make their mark on design spaces to infuse an ambiance of energy and vibrancy.


BOLON floors to consider with a bold + bright colour palette: Missoni Fireworks White, Missoni Trinidad, Missoni Flame Pineapple, Missoni ZigZag Green, Missoni ZigZag Red, Missoni ZigZag Turquoise, Botanic Viva, Botanic Tulip, Artisan Petroluem, Artisan Denim, Artisan Malachite, Artisan Fuchsia or bespoke flooring with Bolon By You.

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Mood boards by Fleur Robinson, Bolon Areas Sales Manager (NSW, ACT)

Flooring by Bolon

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