BAUX Interviews – Lucio Kilcher & Janan Shakur

This week we have been in conversation with Co-founder and strategist Lucio Kilcher about his alternative workspace – Cospire in Switzerland.

Cospire is a brand-new coworking space in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland. The locale offers 28 fixed and flexible desks, as well as two private offices, a workshop, kitchen and lounge areas. Boasting a modern and stylish interior, Cospire represents part of a growing wave of new, alternative workspaces. As the popularity of coworking and open-plan environments increases, designers note a greater need for acoustic solutions to ensure that concentration is not compromised by sound. At Cospire, BAUX Acoustic Panels were chosen. Co-founder and strategist Lucio Kilcher discusses the installation.

Cospire, Switzerland (2 & 3)

What inspirations did you draw on when designing the interior?
Nature was our main source of inspiration. We completely renovated our space, as it was a former car parts shop in an industrial part of the town. So it was important for us to incorporate natural materials such as wood, glass, stone and plants in the interior to create an inviting vibe.


You chose BAUX panels in neutral and pink tones that match the furniture. What role do you think colour plays in the workspace?

Colours play a very important role in the workspace, by playing with different colors we were able to make the meeting room more dynamic and the lounge areas more relaxing. The neutral and pink tones also softened our overall look, so our aesthetic remains industrial yet warm, inviting and fresh.

In the meeting room, BAUX panels line the walls. What should the ideal meeting space sound like?

Yes, we covered the back wall of our meeting room entirely with BAUX panels to increase the acoustic performances but also to obtain a more professional look. Meeting spaces should have a minimal noise reverberation on the speech frequencies, this ensures that meetings are pleasant and phone calls can be made without any disturbing echoes.


Did you choose BAUX primarily for its acoustic capabilities or as an aesthetic addition to the space?

We chose BAUX for the acoustic capabilities, the aesthetic addition, the sustainable material and the color palette that was offered. With BAUX we found the perfect balance between those variables.

Learn more about the Cospire project created by Lucio Kilcher & Janan Shakur, or visit our project references for other BAUX acoustic interior design projects.


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