See You At The Fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

From Tuesday, 4 February until Saturday, 8 February, BAUX will feature at Stockholm Furniture Fair. Bridging the gap between design and knowledge, without overlooking sustainability and technology, BAUX will launch something exciting that you won’t want to miss.

Where: Stand number A02:18, Älvsjömässan, Stockholm, Sweden.
When: Tuesday, 4 February – Saturday, 8 February. 9.00am – 18.00pm


Introducing the Book of Acoustics

Created in collaboration with leading Acousticians, Neuroscientists and Designers, The Book of Acoustics explores the science of sound and provides guidance for designing with acoustics. Complete with facts, figures, diagrams and expert insight, it is the ideal starting point for architectural and interior design projects and sheds light on the interplay between engineering and aesthetics.

Contact us or email baxu@thenadrewsgroup.com.au if you would like to get your hands on a copy.


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