Designing For Future Generations

Designed to foster learning and community at Mount Lawley Senior High School 

Mount Lawley Senior High School is located 5kms north of the Perth CBD. Established in 1955, it has grown into one of the premier schools in Western Australia. The school has a rich history of student success and achievement and this tradition continues today. The school has grown from its original capacity of 400 students to nearly 2000 students and is continuing to grow.


At Mount Lawley High School, a bright burst of pattern sets the scene for a fun and engaging learning environment. When undertaking the refurbishment of a section of the school, Carabiner (formerly Sandover Pinder) was careful to control the distraction with meticulously considered interiors that facilitate student centred learning and imaginative ideation.


With durability, accessibility, easy maintenance and design versatility in mind, 400 sqm of Bolon Botanic and Now collections were selected in Studio Wing to playfully span the floor and complement the vibrant and sustainable finishes.

Designed for the future

Carabiner’s Mount Lawley High School refurbishments are unlike anything you’ve seen. The dynamic upgrades at the main campus are proof that creating an effective learning environment isn’t just about providing practical outcomes for students.


While clear sight lines, sufficient lighting, reliable acoustics and efficient temperature control are important, so too are interiors that are accommodating, flexible and inspiring.


“For the spaces to be able to cater for such flexible use,  acoustic treatments, additional and varied lighting solutions and appropriate flooring were the key elements to achieve this.”

– Paolo Basini, Senior Architect, Carabiner


The classrooms and common areas take experiential design to the next level. Functional yet playful, the furniture selected brings a touch of much needed lightness and multifunctionality to the education space. Bolon flooring with its light reflective properties complements this with Studio Wings from Botanic and Now collections.


“Bolon flooring in Wing Studio shapes were chosen to complement the design aesthetic that included feature 3D chevron inspired acoustic wall and ceiling panels. A mixture of complementing colours to work in sync with the chosen colour scheme, for both ground and first floors, provide an expressive space to enhance learning.”

– Paolo Basini, Senior Architect, Carabiner

With the school being an integral part of the community, the breakout zones and halls between classrooms play a core role in interactions and the exchange of ideas. Bolon flooring was selected in these areas to accommodate large congregations and high levels of foot traffic.


“Bolon was first used in a new building at Mount Lawley Senior High School in 2014. Both the ground floor and first floor utilised Bolon in the high traffic areas of the building. It had to perform as a fit for purpose product and also suit the aesthetics of the interior of the building. This means that both form and function had to be catered for.

– Michael Camilleri, Associate Principal Operations, Mount Lawley Senior High School

To support the extended hours of operation, cleaning is quick, easy and free of any harsh chemicals. With a tight weave secured by layers of impenetrable backing, Bolon is impervious to liquids, dirt and germs and offers a hygienic flooring solution which improves indoor air quality in the space


“In over 6 years of high use, Bolon floors have remained as new. Bolon does not retain particles as would carpet thereby minimizing the effort required to keep it particle free. Simple vacuuming as part of routine maintenance is all that has been required.


Even during winter, Bolon has stood up to the water, mud and other dirt which may have been brought into the building. After more than 6 years, Bolon still looks as new, minimising the frequency of any deep cleaning.”

– Michael Camilleri, Associate Principal Operations, Mount Lawley Senior High School

With sustainability a key consideration in the design process, the facility includes a 5000 litre rainwater storage tank, solar hot water, insulated wall construction to reduce heat load, an energy monitoring system and low maintenance landscaping solutions. Aligned with Mount Lawley’s focus on sustainability, Bolon offered a flooring solution that meets the strictest standards. The high durability rating ensure an extended product lifecycle and appearance retention, particularity when compared to traditional textile alternatives.


“Bolon has provided an extremely long wearing surface with significant benefits over carpet. The appearance retention of Bolon is exceptional.”

– Michael Camilleri, Associate Principal Operations, Mount Lawley Senior High School

To manage sound within the space and optimise learning opportunities, consideration was given to sound absorption qualities of the selected finishes. Bolon offered the high-performance benefits of a hard wood floor with the acoustics properties of textile alternatives.


“The Bolon vinyl tiling with additional underlay, was chosen for ease of install, aesthetic design, acoustic properties, ease of ongoing maintenance and robustness for use in a multitude of ways.”

– Paolo Basini, Senior Architect, Carabiner

Skillfully working within a modest budget to use finishes for maximum impact, Carabiner succeeded in delivering an energetic learning space embodying the future of education and architecture.


“Being so impressed with the qualities of this product, the architects again specified Bolon for our new STEM building due for completion by the beginning of 2021. As this building will also be a high use area, Bolon will again deliver on the Form and Function of the flooring.”

– Michael Camilleri, Associate Principal Operations, Mount Lawley Senior High School


Why Bolon?

Carabiner chose Bolon for Mount Lawley Senior High School. With the performance benefits of Bolon, the choice was simple.


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