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Designing the university experience – Student accommodation at the University of Melbourne

Traditionally, student accommodation has been less than inspiring. Designed by the talented team at Peter Elliott Architecture, The University of Melbourne George Hicks Building presents a new type of student accommodation to cater to the needs of the 21st century student.


Combining function and beauty, Bolon flooring was selected throughout the facility to deliver a high-performance flooring solution.



Introducing Melbourne University Student Accommodation 

A marked departure from the staid, utilitarian student housing projects of the past, the building which comprises of 3 residential levels and 57 self-contained units embodies personality and warmth – essential characteristics for a home away from home.


Striking a balance between privacy and community, the building includes a student café, tutorial rooms and conference facilities. The arrival point on each floor is focused on student lounge spaces which link to the lift and stair circulation system to encourage a sense of belonging and social interaction.


Every aspect of the project’s design was carefully considered for its effect on student wellbeing and experience. Natural timbers were used throughout to create a warm environment, while communal spaces are furnished with comfortable sofas and soft finishes. Attention to comfort was matched with a need for interior solutions that would withstand excess activity, wear and tear.


Throughout the residential corridors and rooms, Bolon resilient carpet is used to convey the warmth and comfort of home while meeting the high demands of a bustling student community. Combining beauty and function, Bolon has been the leading choice for high-traffic environments for over 75 years due to the unmatched high-performance benefits.


A hybrid flooring solution between carpet and resilient flooring, Bolon’s woven form offers beautiful design possibilities as well as comfort and acoustic benefits. By driving innovation in the field of woven design, Bolon is durable and easy to clean, leading to a long product lifecycle and low maintenance costs.


“After nearly 6 years and millions of footsteps walking on Bolon flooring, the floors are still in fabulous condition. The floors get a simple routine clean regularly and each year, we perform a more thorough clean which brings the floors back to looking new again.” 


–  Nathan Caplan, Facilities and Operations Coordinator

As with all University of Melbourne facilities, consideration was given to the environmental impact of interior finishes, from the ceiling to the floor.  The recycled content of Bolon floors and full accredited supply chain not only meets the highest sustainability credentials, but also ensures a health indoor environment with zero chemical cleaning requirements.


The end result – Individual spaces that work in harmony with each other. Residents can enjoy their living and sleeping quarters while leaving them in as new condition for university entrants in years to come.



Why Bolon?

Elliott Architecture chose Bolon for The University of Melbourne Student Accommodation facility. With the performance benefits of Bolon, the choice was simple.


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