Good For The Planet

Good design demands a greater perspective

Since its inception, sustainable innovation has been a focus for Bolon. More than 70 years ago, the idea of recycling textile offcuts into woven rugs was born. Ever since, sustainability has played an integral role in all aspects of the business. From combining development and manufacturing in Sweden, which gives control and the opportunity to optimise resources to benefit the environment, to focusing on sustainability throughout the chain; from the sourcing of raw materials to the transition of Bolon flooring after-use to a circular economy.  It’s a journey of innovation that starts long before the flooring is produced and long after it has fulfilled its intended purpose.

A holistic approach to sustainability

Bolon has taken a proactive approach to sustainability that touches each aspect of the supply chain and beyond.

A step by step approach to sustainable floors

Sustainable development requires resource efficient materials produced in an environmentally friendly manner that can also be recycled and are a part of a circular economy. With this in mind, Bolon measures sustainable efforts across 3 focus areas: material, climate and chemicals.

More than words

Bolon collections and processes have been awarded stringent environmental certifications. Bolon has been accredited with Best Practice PVC certification, which assists achieving Green Star rating for projects registered with the Green Building Council Australia. Green Tag rating covers social responsibility, product eco-friendly composition, VOC emissions and durability, while our EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) communicates BOLON’s transparency about the life-cycle environmental impact. Use Bolon flooring with confidence from both a quality and responsibility perspective


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