Managing Sound From The Floor Up

Bolon enters a new era of acoustic flooring by launching a new and improved sound insulation layer.

The innovative improvement of Bolon’s sound insulating performance can be found in the design. An insulation felt layer has been added to reduce noise and sound impact up to 21-22 dB, continuing Bolon’s market lead in woven flooring with this feature.


Made from recycled materials and delivering <22dB impact sound reduction and 15% sounds absorption, Bolon flooring is now an even better choice for hotels, offices and public spaces where sound and comfort matter.

What’s all the noise about sound insulation?

It is an essential feature in buildings as it prevents transmission of sound disturbances to the adjacent space below. Sound insulated flooring improves the quality of the indoor environment and the overall experience. This is particularly important in hotels, office environments, healthcare and education facilities, hallways and above conference rooms. Bolon’s already soft floor is now even softer to walk on and gives the environment a greater holistic experience.


Sustainability in focus – since 1949

As always, sustainability is central to all Bolon designs and collections. The new acoustic floors are made from recycled industrial waste and the sound insulation layer consists of 90% recycled polyester fibres sourced from PET-bottles. And as all Bolon floorings, the production process is 100% climate neutral through the use of renewable energy.

When sound control matters

All Bolon collections offer the option of a sound insulation layer without compromising market leading performance benefits of durability, fire resistance and cleanability.


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