Your Guide To Bolon By You

Your Guide To Bolon By You

In the current uncertain environment, when most of our clients are working from home, we explore ways in which we collaborate with clients, with particular focus on digital tools and virtual channels. At Bolon, we have many tools to assist in the creative process and save time when specifying the right floor for your project.


The Collection | Bolon By You

Bolon By You is a collection that explores the idea of interaction on two levels; colour and pattern. The process leads to your own personally designed flooring by allowing you to curate the combination of weft colour, warp colour and pattern. Choose from 7 patterns for roll and 4 patters for tile.  Four warp colours (base) and twelve weft colours (highlight yearn) afford different combinations to suit your projects.


The brief

It all begins with your brief. We consider your technical and aesthetic requirements to determine the areas of your project best suited to take advantage of Bolon’s high performance benefits. Taking into account your brief and inspiration, we offer advice on pattern and colour selection to ensure the concept translates to a functional reality that will withstand the test of time and delight occupants of the space.


Bolon By You Online Design Tool

Use our Bolon By You Online Design Tool to help visualise your colour and pattern preferences or ask for our assistance to manage the rendering of your CAD drawings.




To give greater confidence in your selection, a large physical sample can be requested and couriered within 7 business days.  The digital visuals and samples, will assist you in presenting the concept to your client.


Our Support

Once Bolon flooring has been selected for the project (good choice!), we’re here to assist with specification, tendering, installation and post-occupancy care for the life of the floor.


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