In A Class Of Its Own

In A Class of Its Own

Design plays a central role in shaping the student experience and guiding the development of a new generation within Education environments. Demonstrated through the development of The Queensland University of Technology, James Cubitt Architects is committed to providing the education sector with innovative design solutions that support, provoke and inspire.


To support the design brief and deliver a durable, easy to clean flooring solution, Bolon features throughout the high-traffic Learning Centre


 Introducing Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Schools are a vital part of any healthy and thriving community. There is growing appreciation of the significant role that good design can play in education, with evidence that student learning outcomes are closely related to the quality of the environment in which they learn.


Factors such as air quality, ventilation, natural lighting, thermal comfort, and acoustic performance have been shown to have a profound impact on teacher well-being and student attentiveness, attendance, and overall performance. Maximising these factors through conscious design, formed the basis of the design brief when redeveloping Queensland University of Technology.


James Cubitt Architects were recently tasked with redesigning the Learning Centre at Queensland University of Technology. Prioritising student access and amenity, a flexible concept for the Learning Centre was created to host an evolving support service while encouraging student occupation and use. This student owned space remains a point of difference to traditional service models that conceptually and physically isolate the staff and customer.


The design is a response to student consultation and the deep commitment by the University to provide spaces that welcome and sustain ongoing occupation. Through the integration of large-scale technology installations, the design enables users to engage with their peers, the support services available online and the dynamic support team freely moving in the space.


“The aim of this project was to open up the floor plate of the original library space, and transform it into an active, light filled student hub, which included student service facilities, a multipurpose learning space and vibrant campus cafe. It was important to connect all the individual zones with a consistent, seamless looking floor finish. We wanted a floor that was dynamic, directional, that catches the light, but neutral enough to work as a base palette which could promote the flexibility of the space, as originally briefed by Queensland University of Technology.”

Jennifer Dalrymple
Senior Interior Designer, James Cubitt Architects


Functional yet playful, the furniture selected brings a touch of much needed lightness and multi functionality to the education space. Bolon flooring with its light reflective properties complements this with custom triangles and hexagons from the Ethnic, Botanic and Artisan collections.


“The flooring selection evolved after much research into suitable products. We needed something that could withstand heavy foot traffic – it had to be durable and easy to clean, being a public space. We also needed to consider the acoustic qualities within the space.”

Jennifer Dalrymple
Senior Interior Designer, James Cubitt Architects



Bolon was also selected for its durability and ease of cleaning to cater to the high-traffic space. To support the extended hours of operation, cleaning is quick, easy and free of any harsh chemicals.


“Queensland University of Technology Facilities Management is very pleased with the performance of Bolon flooring. It has been installed in a very high traffic area and still looks good and performs well after a number of years.”

Steve Low
Associate Director, Capital Works


With a tight weave secured by layers of impenetrable backing, Bolon is impervious to liquids, dirt and germs and offers a hygienic flooring solution which improves indoor air quality in the space. Sound absorption was also another key factor when selecting a suitable floor covering for the busy environment.


The result – a place where knowledge is to be gained, shared and maximised.

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